Tuesday, June 11, 2013

If God is a Myth, then Living must be in Vain

To science I ask, please explain to me the human heart.  When I first became pregnant, I saw my son through the ultra sound monitor and he was just a blinking dot which was his heart beat.  It was amazing and the most beautiful moment of my life, ever.  It was bliss that I felt I could touch heaven and the skies.  The miracle of life is an awesome, wonderful miracle that blew me off my feet.  It’s a love that pierces you deep inside to your soul and mind.

Having experienced birth, evolution is unfounded.  How did life come about?  What purpose is there?  I don’t accept that we’re just doomed to die with no afterlife, hence my belief that if God is a myth, then living must be in vain.
Living life without any sort of accountability is not logical to me.  I understand to live life as you want and “not care what anybody thinks.”  So what, right?  The truth is gratification is temporary.  There are always consequences and accountability to each and every one of our actions, whether positive or negative.  We aren’t given a second chance in life.  It’s a blessed freedom to choose God and I honestly respect those who differ.  I want to understand why everyone differs and will continue the quest.  I feel a release in my heart and freedom in the truth to choose that there is a God.  It is said that the Bible is manmade.  However, there is no argument that the human heart is most certainly not man made.
“You do not understand how the wind blows,
or how the embryo grows in a woman’s womb:
no more can you understand the work of God, the Creator of all.” (Eccles 11:5)